The 5 reasons your brainstorming session fails.

Did you notice ....?

The last time you were stuck in that so-called "co-creation workshop /brainstorming session" ?

Yes! The collaborative interaction did not happen !

It doesn't. Never.

No need to blame the "creativity facilitator" too much.

In a traditional focus group, a small group of pre-screened participants are assembled. They have to answer questions about a product or service in an open-ended, conversational format.

It is a known fact now, proven scientifically: brainstorming sessions do not work to foster co-creation and co-innovation. Brainstorming, to take an example, is a quite old group moderation technique, invented in the 1940s by Alex F. Osborn.

Why did the collaborative interaction not happen ?

Brainstorming sessions are frustrating. Because they are actually producing exactly the reverse effect that it is supposed to be generating:

1. People do not build on each other's ideas. It can foster monologues, where the loudest voices hijack the conversation.

2. The group just gets stuck on a detailed point.

3. The restricted size of the group limits the diversity of qualitative insights (usually no more than 10 to be a manageable number for the "facilitator").

4. Ideas may appear at any time, not necessarily during the focus group session.

5. Valuable customers or users are just based anywhere in the world or are too busy to join the brainstorming session. They can not necessarily join in offline meetings.

Oh, ... and Ideation/Contest-based platforms are NOT the right answer either

Collecting ideas are the easy part, while seeking out more insights, problems, opportunities are not addressed by ideation platforms. The limitation of those tools is they do not foster a two-way dialogue.

The company or organisation cannot dig deeper on some feedback in a discreet manner, gather information on "truth questions", on a user experience of a public service or on the context of a shopping experience.

So, how to collect better insights ?

Our online insights community overcomes the limitations of traditional market research like surveys and focus groups. Symantra enables organisations to create a private branded online or mobile community where valuable stakeholders, users, customers, based anywhere in the world can participate. At their own convenience. In an asynchronic ongoing dialogue to build on each others ideas.

We help companies, NGOs and public organisations collect and synthesize better insights. From user stories, voices, experiences, pain points. Meaning better qualitative and quantitative data.

Citizens and customers are considered as trusted partners. Throughout the product and service life-cycle. Not just at the beginning or end of it.

Better stakeholder and employee engagement: where to start with ?

Symantra has a long expertise in in-App feedback modules and insights communities on Web and Mobile Apps for better market research and stakeholder engagement.

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Anne Magnus is the Managing Director of Symantra, a Brussels-based Digital Agency specialized in Design & Development of Native Mobile Apps + Employee Apps + Digital Transformation.

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