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EUROPEAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE: NextGen Extranet & Self-Evaluation Platform for Good Governance in Sport

Testimonial from European Olympic Committee

We have used Symantra’s platform for 300 organizations (Mainly National Olympic Committees and National Sports Federations) across 25 countries as part of a collaborative project. We highly recommend Symantra’s platform as it is intuitive, cost-effective, and easily customizable to your needs.

Context & Objectives

In 2015, Symantra was selected by European Olympic Committee (EOC) to develop the SIGGS Self-evaluation interactive platform (‘Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport’ ), built on top of our proprietary software (SaaS).

The SIGGS Project, with this NextGen Platform at its core, has officially been selected by the European Commission (Erasmus +) as a “success story” among all European projects.

Performance of the platform:
  • More than 300 sports organisations have already used the platform (National Olympic Committees, international, European, national and regional sport federations),

  • across 25 European countries,

  • in 8 different languages

  • and much more...

Since 2018, this successful partnership between EOC and Symantra is now in Phase 2, until 2020 (POINTS project). Symantra is supporting European Olympic Committee for the design and development of the next phase of Extranet platform. The aim is to further develop educational tools to provide practical guidance to NOCs and European sport federations on integrity and good governance.

Activities :

  • Strategic advisory for digital transformation and custom product

  • Design and development of a SaaS platform to manage stakeholders for self-evaluation, personalized content and action plans

  • Design and development of a mini website

  • Updates and maintenance

Functionalities :

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