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Symantra is an innovation and design-focused mobile app development agency that is redefining how organisations go-to-market with mobile. Symantra works with public institutions, NGOs and large enterprises to build fully-native applications for iPhone, Android, and IoT.

Symantra has been consistently recognized as one of the top Belgian mobile app development companies in winning very competitive European public tenders.

Brand Symantra is for Quality and Time-to-market. We use our proprietary frameworks to speed the development process. We provide a full suite of mobile app development services.

And this, at least 25% cheaper than other providers in European markets. And twice better, with the latest technologies and faster app development cycles.

Why Symantra

Fast Iterations Using our homegrown framework called Socialnext, we let our clients add/remove sections, update content & introduce functionality, rapidly post-launch.

Operations in control The capabilities of our app development team spans across technologies and domains. Our senior technical architects have years of experience working with large enterprise systems. By going with Symantra, you are simply reducing your risk of failure.

Quick to market We understand that you need the fastest possible route to take your product to market. With our MVP-First approach, combine the power of ideation & design driven front-end native apps with scalable & reusable platform-driven backend to launch your product faster than ever.

Here are some hints to guide our conversation:

App Creation

Translate your vision into an exciting mobile product, whether B2B, B2C or Mobile Intranet/Extranet.

App Face Lift Redesign your existing app

App Refresh Give a new life to your existing app

Web Switch Turn your website into an App

App Transporter Port your iOS app to Android

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