MyMOBIB: a Premium NFC App for Mobility 4.0

Symantra was selected among 13 competitors in a public tender to design and develop a mobile app for BMC, Belgian Mobility Card.

Did you know that 1 in 3 Belgians have a MoBIB SmartCard ?

The Mobib card provides a single medium for the transport tickets of the four Belgian public transport operators (STIB, SNCB, DeLijn, TEC). It facilitates mobility throughout the country. The NFC based contactless cards are used to load a range of transport tickets: seasonal passes, single journey and multiple journey tickets for Metro, Trains and Buses.

This Smartphone Application helps the users to read MoBIB contracts for all Belgian public transport operators. Users can scan your MOBIB card and store the card on your NFC Android device within a few seconds.

The benefits of MyMobib app for users:

  • You (finally) know how many tickets remain on your card

  • You know how long your ongoing ticket is still valid

  • You can also set alerts to recharge your card in time (so useful).

​With its simple and intuitive Design, this App was actually a real challenge to develop. Symantra mixed the right skills to deliver quickly a mobile solution beyond expectations: Data Science, User Research, UX/UI Design, NFC expertise, Senior Developers and Security Specialists.

This pure native Android app is available in 4 languages (FR/NL/ENG/DE).

The app was released in January 2018 and has already more than 10.000 downloads.

Download MyMobib on Google Playstore (Android).

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