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Digital Strategy and Technology solutions matter: 25 % of EU project evaluation on an average. But most EU projects fail in building an engaging and sustainable digital experience, with the right features and the right UI/UX design.

Increase your chances to deliver a great EU project.

To make an impact, your European project plan needs to have the right digital strategy as of the start and integrate the right technology partners. Here we are talking about real tech skills, not the common webdesign ans social media skills.

Too often, you are - losing time and energy to set up the right digital-oriented EU consortium or to identify the right IT supplier in Brussels:

  • You're ending up using old-fashioned IT tools (worse case, relying on multiple versions of Excel sheets) with poor User experience interfaces - and you need help to identify the best digital tools suited to your needs?

  • You cannot find a Brussels-based technology partner with excellent credentials in EU projects and EU associations?

  • Your conversations with your stakeholders are rather top-down than a 2-way dialogue? You don't see what kind of content your audience really "consumes"?

  • You are trying to hire your wonder employee in-house to cover all the skills needed in Marketing, Digital integration/IT development and Design?

  • And this, while trying to save money, time, and cutting overheads?

Symantra is an ideal Technology partner and Digital Strategist Advisor for European projects consortium and Horizon 2020 projects.

Symantra provides Digital transformation solutions that use the right mix of Strategy, Technology, Data and Design to help you perform.

You focus on the EU core project activities. We focus on the Technology to help you achieve better Outreach, better Stakeholder Engagement, better digital experiences.

Our Technology Solutions and Digital Services for your EU project :

  • Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Extranet, Collaboration Hub/platform, Engagement Portals, Multilingual platforms

  • Data collection, aggregation and Data visualisation, Data automation

  • Mobile Apps and IoT: strategy, design, development, advisory.

  • GDPR and Cybersecurity

  • Marketing automation

  • CRM systems

  • 360° dashboards/User Impact analytics

  • and much more.

Building an EU consortium or an EU project?

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