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Symantra is an innovation and design focused mobile app development agency that is redefining how organisations go-to-market with mobile. Symantra works with public institutions, NGOs and large enterprises to build fully-native or hybrid applications for iPhone, Android, and IoT (NFC...).


Symantra has been consistently recognized as one of the top Belgian mobile app development companies in winning very competitive European public tenders.

Brand Symantra is for Quality and Time-to-market. We use our proprietary frameworks to speed the development process. We provide a full suite of mobile app development services.

And this, at least 25% cheaper than other providers in European markets.

And twice better, with the latest technologies and faster app development cycles.

Mobile App Cost Calculator

You are an international organisation, a EU association, a public institution, or an established SME (not a start up)?


If so, you can get an estimate on your iOS/Android app.

We created this unique App Cost Calculator to assist you in achieving your objectives. 

It will take you 5 minutes to go through the questions. Let's begin!

Recent Works

Brussels Air App




The iOS and Android native apps delivers local air-quality measurements directly to the user’s phone. It provides real-time updates every hour. In 3 languages (FR, NL, ENG).

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community apps



All the essential features to better engage your private community or your staff, behind a secure login. Fully customisable.

Ideal for membership-based organisations, companies with field staff, frontlines, or international teams.

eNatura2000 app

eNatura2000 APP 


Browse your interest by topics, countries, types of Natura 2000 sites, and manager's experience.

Swipe to connect with peers who can help you solve your Natura 2000 challenges. Chat in the app or send them an email. 

Find useful content that will help you to solve your challenges.

Our Solutions

Innovation & Digital Strategy 
Our app experts’ work with you to define  objectives, design cues, feature differentiators and solutions needed to solve your problem statement. From choosing the right platform, to identifying the third party integration partners, we help you to transform your vision, our insights in a great digital product .

App Design
We believe that an superior user experience is the key to create addiction and loyalty. Users behavior research, international benchmarking of best practices, wireframing, prototyping to pixel perfect visual experience design:  we do everything to give you a awesome UX.


iPhone  & Android App Development
Work with industry’s best Android & iOS developers to build an engaging digital product that covers every aspect of your business: Native  Apps, Hybrid Apps, AR/VR Based Apps, and IOT Apps.  Most of our apps are built in pure native, as it is the best you can get for great app user experiences, security and ROI.​

App Management & Support
With a dedicated 24/7 network operations team, we help you manage your app and scale up or down your traffic bandwidth for specific events with no service interruption.

App Testing 
To cover all bases, we conduct a variety of tests that include Manual and Automation Testing, Interface testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing and Usability Testing. The smart way to approach testing is to devise a holistic strategy, covering all aspects of app testing.

App Marketing
App Store Optimization (ASO) Services to Rank Higher in App Store Search & Increase App Downloads. ASO is much more than optimizing your app page to rank for a few keywords. At Symantra, we follow the best practices of ASO not only to rank your app page but also improve the downloads and app installs.

Our insights on Mobile Apps

Bon en vrai, combien çà coûte de faire une app ?
My website is responsive, so why the heck to I need a Mobile App?


Native vs. hybrid mobile app


Native vs. hybrid
Mobile app?
The choice is clear!


Quick to market
We understand that you need the fastest possible route to take your product to market. With our MVP-First approach, combine the power of ideation & design driven front-end native apps with scalable & reusable platform driven backend to launch your product faster than ever.

Fast Iterations
Using our home grown framework called Socialnext, we let our clients add/remove sections, update content & introduce functionality, rapidly post-launch. 

Operations in control
The capabilities of our app development team spans across technologies and domains. Our senior technical architects have years of experience working with large enterprise systems. By going with Symantra, you are simply reducing your risk of failure.

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