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 Launch a Course and Community experience your Learners will love.

Deliver quality Courses online
& a full Social community.

Say goodbye to ugly e-learning platforms and broken learner experiences.

  • Generate more revenues in weeks, not months.

  • Deliver Certifications, the easiest way.

  • The most beautiful UI/UX Design in the market.

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A real white label Academy
that converts for real.

 Your website name, your logo,

your corporate identity, your branded videos, your rules, your integrations, your workflows.

MOOC Platform

Symantra is a highly competent, professional, and innovative digital agency. 


Symantra has consistently worked with us to create an online academy with courses rich in visual and attractive content and exceptional multi-media content sharing features. 

The Academy provides dedicated space for peer-to-peer exchange and social networking, building a vibrant and dynamic learning community. 

Key features for
a great Learning Experience

Highly interactive

  • Unlimited Free & Paid Courses

  • Interactive Video Learning

  • eBook Builder

  • Exams & Quizzes 

  • 1-on-1 & Group Sessions

  • Drip Courses

  • Assessments &  Custom Certificates  (multiple questions, assignments, self-evaluation)

  • Live Classes, WebinarsHybrid learning

  • and more options...

Flexible rights  & analytics

  • Dashboard

  • Admins

  • Affiliate Management

  • and more options...

Make your school shine

  • Complete Academy Site Design

  • Customizable Video Course Player

  • Custom domain

  • Survey Builder

  • Personalised notifications

  • Advanced Certifications management

  • Flexible and mobile responsive

  • and more options...

Unify your ecosystem

  • Premium Integrations with your CRM, Newsletter tools, video tools...

  • Custom development

  • Custom automations

  • SSL certificate

  • and more options...

Grow more revenues

  • Payment gateways 

  • Flexible Checkout Options 

  • Coupons

  • Pop-up Builder

  • Subscriptions & Memberships

  • Installments

  • and more options...

Course creation, your way

  • Exclusive Marketing & Sales features

  • SEO at the top

  • 24/7 Priority  support

  • and more options...

Launch a stunning Online Academy
or Hybrid-Learning platform
with Symantra

How can we support your needs? Let's talk

We build modern
Growth Engine
+ Productivity Gains 

with the Power
of Hyper-automation.



Hyper-automation with Symantra

allows our clients to lower

operational costs by 30%.

More Products & Services

Symantra is specialized in digital solutions, automations, and integrations to work and grow better.


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