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 Launch a Course and Community experience your Learners will love.

Deliver quality Courses online
& a full Social community.

Say goodbye to ugly e-learning platforms and broken learner experiences.

  • Generate more revenues in weeks, not months.

  • Deliver Certifications, the easiest way.

  • The most beautiful UI/UX Design in the market.

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A 100% white label Academy
that converts for real.

 Your website name, your logo,

your corporate identity, your branded videos, your rules, your integrations with your specific IT ecosystem, your workflows.

MOOC Platform

Symantra is a highly competent, professional, and innovative digital agency. 


Symantra has consistently worked with us to create an online academy with courses rich in visual and attractive content and exceptional multi-media content sharing features. 

The Academy provides dedicated space for peer-to-peer exchange and social networking, building a vibrant and dynamic learning community. 

Key features for
a great Learning Experience

Highly interactive

  • Unlimited Free & Paid Courses

  • Interactive Video Learning

  • eBook Builder

  • Exams & Quizzes 

  • 1-on-1 & Group Sessions

  • Drip Courses

  • Assessments &  Custom Certificates  (multiple questions, assignments, self-evaluation)

  • Live Classes, WebinarsHybrid learning

  • and more options...

Flexible rights  & analytics

  • Dashboard

  • Admins

  • Affiliate Management

  • and more options...

Make your school shine

  • Complete Academy Site Design

  • Customizable Video Course Player

  • Custom domain

  • Survey Builder

  • Personalised notifications

  • Advanced Certifications management

  • Flexible and mobile responsive

  • and more options...

Unify your ecosystem

  • Premium Integrations with your CRM, Newsletter tools, video tools...

  • Custom development

  • Custom automations

  • SSL certificate

  • and more options...

Grow more revenues

  • Payment gateways 

  • Flexible Checkout Options 

  • Coupons

  • Pop-up Builder

  • Subscriptions & Memberships

  • Installments

  • and more options...

Course creation, your way

  • Exclusive Marketing & Sales features

  • SEO at the top

  • 24/7 Priority  support

  • and more options...

Launch a stunning Online Academy
or Hybrid-Learning platform
with Symantra

How can we support your needs? Let's talk

We build modern
Growth Engine
+ Productivity Gains 

with the Power
of Hyper-automation.



Hyper-automation with Symantra

allows our clients to lower

operational costs by 30%.

More Products & Services

Symantra is specialized in digital solutions, automations, and integrations to work and grow better.


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