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Symantra is a Tech agency mastering Intelligent Automations implementation: Business Processes, Operations, Marketing, and Sales. 


Tech stack integrations to work better. 

Are Your DataProcesses slowing You Down?

We connect people, process, and technology to operationalize your strategy. Our proprietary ‘technology layers’ methodology helps identify technology gaps, ensuring your marketing, sales, and operations are always optimized to your Go-To-Market efforts.

Symantra is specialized in Automations implementation. 

Our expertise spans all essential software and apps, enabling you to build a modern tech stack. Whether assisting with a one-time implementation, or as an ongoing extra set of hands, we work as a Tech Partner who can implement, integrate, and train your teams on the technologies we suggest.

Business Process Automation by Symantra

Business Process

  • Data Strategy & Technology Strategy

  • Dynamic document management systems

  • Data Visualization, Data Lakes, Dashboards

  • Technology Selection

  • System Implementation, Integration, Administration

Sales automation by Symantra
  • Quote-to-Cash Automation

  • RevOps

  • Invoicing Automation

  • Payments Automation

  • Quote-to-cash

  • Membership management Automation

  • Event registration Automation

  • Certifications & e-learning sales automation

Operations automation by Symantra.jpg

Operations Automation

  • Organizational Design

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Revenue Process & Workflow (re-) Design

  • Business Process Design

  • Revenue Performance Management

  • Marketing Planning Process

Marketing automation by Symantra

Marketing Automation

  • CRM Migration or New CRM implementation

  • Campaigns Automation

  • Growth Marketing 

  • Email marketing Automation

  • Social Media automation

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)

  • Conversational AI

  • Lead Gen, Demand generation

  • 360° Customer analytics

  • ...

We build modern
Growth Engine
+ Productivity Gains 

with the Power

of Hyper-automation.

All around a smart CRM.


Hyper-automation with Symantra

allows our clients to lower

operational costs by 30%.

Meet Symantra, 
the right Tech Partner
for your Automations and Integrations.

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Elite developers.

Full Tech Stack capabilities.

Our senior team is comprised of back-end, front-end developers,  IT architects, data scientists.


We master the most in-demand Tech-Stacks:

Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, AWS, Python,

Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, React...

Complex Integrations & Automations?

Yes, we do!

Symantra is the go-to Tech partner when it comes to integrating third-party quality software, web apps, or complex workflow automation.
Reduce significantly your errors.  Improve your processes efficiency.


What we love to do.

  • We (re)-design and develop automated workflows and business processes.

  • We design and develop tailor-made digital solutions, using Microsoft PowerApps, Power Automate, Zapier, Nintex, Laiye, and many more top-notch software. 

  • We can draw up technical specifications and documentation, test software applications, and solve complex technical problems.

  • We contribute to the development of best practices, standards, and methodologies.

  • We have deep expertise understanding the most popular CRMs, their limitations, and dependencies.

  • We know how to translate business requests into CRM design solutions, unified ecosystems, efficient help you work and grow better.

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