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Digitizing Your IT Department to Put the Customer at the Center

SMEs need to digitize their IT departments to unlock their growth. Sales and Marketing data needs to be aligned and put the customer at the centre.

As technology advances and changes, it is becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized businesses to digitize their IT departments.

Collecting, processing, and transferring data is meaningless if it’s not integrated into this new paradigm that puts the customer at the centre.

To ensure success, the IT department should no longer try to control solutions—it’s a question of bringing people together (marketing, sales, operations, customer service).

Let’s explore what this means for you and your business.

Integrating Your IT Department Into the Company's Strategic Roadmap

When approaching digital transformation, it is important to first understand how your company operates strategically.

  • What works well?

  • What needs improvement?

  • How can you better serve customers?

Once these questions are answered, you can begin integrating your IT department into your company's strategic roadmap. This will help ensure that digital solutions are tailored to meet specific customer needs and create a seamless experience from start to finish.

Encouraging Openness and Integration of Digital Ecosystems

In today’s world, it is essential for businesses to take advantage of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs provide an open platform that allows different systems to communicate with each other in order to share data and build applications quickly and easily.

By using APIs, your business can access valuable resources that would otherwise be unavailable due to cost or time constraints.

Additionally, APIs make it easier for data collected across multiple sources to be integrated with one another so that a comprehensive view of customer interactions can be formed.

Testing New Tools

The next step in digitizing your IT department is testing new tools that will help streamline processes and improve customer engagement. For example, leveraging a top-notch CRM and smart integrations around it will allow you to better manage customer relationships by providing real-time insights into how customers use your product or service.

With Symantra, we can help you to reduce 15 to 30% of your operational costs thanks to hyper-automation.

Cybersecurity & Data hosted in the EU

Implementing secure environments such as GDPR compliance standards or cybersecurity protocols will help protect sensitive information from being accessed illegally or leaked publicly.

Make sure your CRM data is hosted in the EU (and not transmitted to third countries) and that you can extract all your data in just 1 click.

By taking these steps towards digitizing your IT department, you’ll be able to put the customer at the centre while ensuring secure operations throughout every stage of their journey with your business.

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