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How to Optimize Your Digital Ecosystem for more Growth

Growth-driven companies know that tech integrations are essential to maximize sales and marketing performances and optimize their customers' journey.

The Digital ecosystem optimization and consolidation must be a business priority to unleash growth. Customer-centric companies know well that tech /software integrations are essential to maximize sales and marketing performances and optimize their customers' journey.

That is exactly why organisations need to perform a technology audit by an external digital agency - like Symantra - specialized in Sales and Marketing Technologies. The aim is to review their tools and tech stack choices.

Companies use more and more apps and digital tools. Too often there is an addition of tools and processes, leading to a patchwork cobbled IT ecosystem, no data sync, a loss of productivity, and data silos.

CEOs, Directors of Sales, and Directors of Marketing suffer from a feeling of technology overload and cannot have a real 360° view of customer data.

Therefore, it is crucial for business leaders to enforce external digital audits (NB: Digital Transformation should never be hijacked by CTOs and IT departments as it is a Business priority!) and question if the digital ecosystem is really managed most optimally.

Top 5 reasons to audit your digital ecosystem

  1. Staff will win time and re-focus on high-value tasks.

  2. Your business will save money, dropping substandard or duplicate tools, subscriptions...

  3. Your sales, marketing, and operations related to leads and customers data will be fully in control.

  4. You will have all your business-critical data in one smart CRM, with the right data sync, workflows automation, and third-party integrations.

  5. Cybersecurity and GDPR compliance will be improved.

Get an external digital audit to have an objective overview on your digital ecosystem's performance Here are a few questions we are going to deep dive in during the digital audit we, at Symantra, perform inside organisations:

  1. How does your company automate marketing and sales processes?

  2. Which digital tools do you use for data management, marketing and sales activities?

  3. How do your tools and processes hamper your business goals related to sales, marketing, and customer experience?

  4. How do you manage customer services and operations?

  5. How do you ensure cybersecurity and GDPR compliance?

  6. How do you track the performances of your website, campaigns, and inbound marketing?

  7. Do you have a 360° dashboard on your sales and marketing metrics?

  8. What are the UX frictions in your website that limit your growth?

The reality is that many CRMs and marketing tools are substandard or too complicated to use for your teams, while growth-focused companies across Europe are adopting a top-notch CRM Platform combined with hyper-automations to align Sales, Marketing and Operations teams work.

As a result these companies remove data silos by centralizing all marketing and sales activities on one single powerful CRM platform.

This move has been a game changer for them to convert more leads, unlock growth, remove work inefficiencies, and cut costs related to wrong technology choices.

Taking inspiration from the best practices of leading companies across industries and the latest technology evolution, Symantra can help your company to go to unlock your Growth. At Symantra, we work with Sales and Marketing teams in the following business-critical activities:

  • Digital and Tech Stack Audit

  • CRM Migration, Deployment, and Integrations

  • Marketing automation

  • Sales automation

  • Custom development & complex integration with Tech stack

  • RevOps

  • Websites re-design as a Growth-Machine

  • CX Services & Operations Automation

  • Onboarding and Training

  • GDPR & Cybersecurity advisory

Do you need help to migrate your CRM & IT legacy?

Do you need custom automations and integrations to help your Sales or Marketing teams?

Let's talk (FREE Digital Growth audit).

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May 08

Business leaders should conduct external digital audits and critically assess whether the digital ecosystem is being manage effectively.


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