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When should you get a new CRM?

Finally get a CRM SMEs & Business Communities across Europe love to work with to unleash their growth. Powerful, customizable, and so easy-to-use for all staff.

Now is the right time to get a new CRM, with the right integrations and smart automations, if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

1. Your Communications, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams work in silos. Poor cross-team alignment is another side effect of using a unique system for each department. Maybe your teams each rely on their own management system, which gives them poor visibility into each other’s goals and operations and makes for a poor hand-off between Customer Lifecycle stages. 2. Your teams operate from multiple sources of data. Your leads and customers data lives in several tools or records, which means each team references pieces of the truth and fills in the gaps as needed. Perhaps you’ve noticed that each department operates with incomplete or outdated information, leading to internal frustrations, inconsistent experiences, and upset your customers. 3. Your teams rely on manual reporting processes. Without an great CRM, your teams are likely forced to use manual processes — like spreadsheets or a legacy system of record — to keep track of customer information and build various internal reports. This approach means hours of tedious work and increases the risk of human error, meaning you’re likely missing out on critical insights. 4. You have identified gaps or data inconsistencies in your reports. Reports provide a detailed overview of how your teams perform. They help you develop or improve campaigns, optimize Business Development processes, and strengthen customers relationships.

However, if your reports are incomplete or simply not aligned with your goals and metrics, they aren’t effectively serving you, your business, or your customers. Important Note:

Getting a CRM just for the sake of it, with no proper Data Management Strategy and no 360° Data Integration, is POINTLESS. 😱 Money waste + Time waste.

Unleash your Growth, with the right CRM and the right Tech Partner for your CRM data migration, complex integrations, and onboarding.

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