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Choose the #1 Member Platform for Business Communities & NGOs in Europe.  We provide a connected, secure, and modern digital workspace. 

Access anytime: on the Web, Email, or Mobile App. 

We love helping our customers succeed

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Connect & Collaborate faster

Network more easily with your peers, thanks to an intuitive Members Directory. Share documents, create and edit content. Have discussions in one unified, secure workspace.

Control your Comms Outreach​​

Set up and manage content, campaigns and applications across various user groups, partner types, languages, regions and territories. Join the Events of your interests.

360° Membership management

Automate the process of onboarding and membership management. Sync all your data between Symantra's Member Platform and Premium CRM softwares to create a seamless experience for your organization.

​Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile, Web or Email. Deliver exactly what your stakeholders need. Collaborate regardless of where you are or what device you are using.

​Mobile Apps for Stakeholder Engagement

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The Member platform developed by Symantra to manage members has been a game-changer for DIGITALEUROPE.


For the first time, we have been able to provide a transparent, professional, and coherent service to all of our members while freeing up a lot of time from our staff to focus on the policy work instead of administrative procedures. Since Symantra’s Member platform is used for several other Trade associations, it constantly evolves and we can benefit from best practices as we scale our operations.

The Number 1 NextGen Extranet
for Business Communities in the EU

Get the confidentiality, transparency, and control of your most sensitive applications by moving them back to Private Cloud. We architect the right Cybersecurity and Data Protection solution for you.

25+ Building Blocks to create
your Member Experience Journey

No gadget features. All modules have been co-designed with leading Business associations and NGOs, across Europe. The Extranet platform works fully integrated with your digital ecosystem and your favourite softwares.

NextGen Extranet

(Member Platform)

NextGen Extranet  (Member Platform)
Interconnection of digital tools

Interconnection of digital tools

Invoice Automation

for Membership & Events

Invoice Automation

Process Automation

Process Automation
BI &  Data Dashboards

BI &

Data Dashboards




& Online Academy

Masterclass  & e-learning

Member Journey


Member Onboarding  Automation

Job Board 

Job Board   ​
B2B Networking & Match-Making

B2B Networking & Match-Making



Advanced Member-only NewsRoom
Personalized communication

Personalized communication

Interactive Channels & Chat

Interactive Channels & Chat

Mobile Apps for Community & Events

Mobile Apps for Community & Events

Premium Public Affairs features

Premium Public Affairs features
Multilingual Interface



Real-time Voting


Real-time Voting  Micro-Polls

and many more unique features...

Extranet unique features...

ISO 27001
Cloud Infrastructure


ISO 27001: a guarantee of security

Symantra's NextGen Extranet is hosted on ISO 27001 Certified Cloud Infrastructure.


ISO 27001 is the main standard used when implementing an IT/IS security management system. It is supported by the specialized system for worldwide standardization (ISO/IEC). 


ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard on how to manage information security.


The benefits of ISO 27001 cloud infrastructure include:

  • The best guarantees for the security of your hosting environment

  • Reduced risk of data breaches and other information security incidents

  • Improved information security posture and security by design. 


Connected Digital Tools

Symantra's Extranet integrates with 30+ of the most reputed digital tools and softwares in the market.

Connect All Data and All Workflows. 

No more manual copy-paste of data between tools or through Excel files.

  • 25+ building blocks - Highly customisable modules & features

  • Hyper Secure Document management system, with the maximum of collaborative editing options

  • Live feed & Advanced Newsroom

  • MasterClass & E-learning

  • Productivity applications

  • Online voting system

  • Email marketing tools

  • Easy administration for all content, events, and data

  • Granular access and rights management

  • Easy-to-use and elegant interface

  • Full GDPR automated compliance

  • Native Mobile App (iOS + Android) 

  • ... and much more...

Integrations with Symantra NextGen Extranet.png

CRM for Associations

CRM for associations

Take control of your member relationship and staff productivity. ​Centralize all your contacts, whether members or external stakeholders. 

  • All-in-1  CRM

  • 360° Membership Lifecycle management

  • Invoicing & Payment reconciliation

  • Tasks Automation & Sync with your favourite tools

  • Smart Data collection

Read more about the #1 CRM loved by smart Business Associations and nonprofits across Europe.

Business Analytics & Intelligence

  • Get your automated Performance Reports in real-time. Granular Insights across various communication and sales channels, working groups, projects, and marketing campaigns.

  • Monitor your performance with on the fly metrics and KPIs that really matter to you on Business Growth and Community engagement.

  • Share your stunning interactive 360° Dashboard with your staff, Top Management, or Board. 

  • Become a data-driven organisation by identifying correlations between Member Engagement, Communications, Operations, and Finance.

Data Dashboard and Analytics Symantra.png

Our Insights

Leading Business and Trade Associations, NGOs and international organisations

flipped their old-school "Member Area" from labor-intensive and time-consuming

to an automated, streamlined Extranet Member Platform, with Symantra.

Do you also have a bad Extranet (aka Member area)? The frustration checklist.
Do you also have a bad Extranet
(aka Member area)?
The frustration checklist.

DIGITALEUROPE selected Symantra's Member Platform, CRM, and interconnected digital ecosystem.
Symantra is in the TOP! Featured in as the Ultimate Digital Platform for EU Associations.
MasterClass: a new must-have e-learning module for  Associations
What is a modern Extranet? What is it used for?

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community apps
SYMANTRA COMMUNITY APPS    For Internal Communications


For Internal Communications 

​All the essential features to better engage your private community or your staff, behind a secure login.

Fully customisable. Integrated with your digital tools.

Ideal for Membership-based organisations, professional networks, expert communities, Business associations, NGOs, collaborative projects...

Discover our Mobile App expertise here.

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