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MasterClass and Online Academy: a new must-have for Associations

Say goodbye to Moodle and other bad e-learning MOOC software. They harm your brand reputation, they are unpleasant for your learners, they don't convert into revenues, and they are a pain to manage for your staff.

Imagine you can finally launch a true white label Academy, with your rules?

Imagine you are able to design learning experiences your Learners and Instructors will love?

This is possible.

Symantra offers a MasterClass Module and an Online Academy Platform to :

  • Magnify your Though Leadership with a beautiful Online Academy.

  • Create, promote, sell an engaging e-learning course catalogue

  • Build up a social community, on top of the Academy

  • Attract new audiences and generate more revenues.

  • Deliver Certifications in the easiest way.

  • Integrate deeply your Academy with your digital ecosystem

  • Efficient Access & Rights management - quite critical when your courses get traction and if you do not want to burden your staff.

Check this Online Academy we set up for one of our clients:

The European Nature Academy, is an innovative tailor-made training hub designed to help Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers achieve their priorities for nature.

The Academy offers a perfect balance between live sessions, hybrid webinars, networking and collaborative activities between peers, interactive videos in different EU languages, and engaging learning materials.

Online Academy software  Symantra

Discover the Key Features to deliver an amazing learning experience for your customers.

👉🏼Want a stunning Online Academy or E-learning Platform for your organisation?


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