MasterClass: a new must-have online learning module for Associations

The MasterClass Module helps associations and Business clusters to differentiate themselves, grow their community, and generate new revenues. You can launch an exclusive e-learning offering inside the Member Platform/ NextGen Extranet. In a few weeks, not months.

We have co-designed this MasterClass module with our large community of clients among Business and Trade associations, NGOs and clusters, across Europe.

The aim is to provide exclusive access, inside their Symantra NextGenExtranet, to an online education programme, on which learners can access video classes, webinars, lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. Beyond the videos, you can host on the MasterClass platform any kind of content, media, information, or interactive format.

Benefits of Symantra's MasterClass module

  • Deliver quality class online learning experience - video and audio.

  • Grow your audience by targeting new prospects beyond your membership

  • Generate new revenues

  • Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Video lessons are available anytime,

  • Provide new ways of online networking among learners

  • Bonus Content management and community moderation made easy

  • Efficient Access & Rights management - quite critical when your MasterClass gets traction and if you do not want to burden your staff.

  • Personalized communication and working groups

  • ...and much more

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