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MasterClass and Online Academy: a new must-have for Associations

The MasterClass Module and the Online Academy Platforms of Symantra help organisations to differentiate themselves and generate new revenues. You can launch an exclusive e-learning offering, at a competitive price. In a few weeks, not months.

We have co-designed the 2 solutions with our large community of clients among Business and Trade associations, NGOs and private companies, across Europe.

Benefits of Symantra's E-learning solutions

  • Deliver quality courses online and full community experience

  • Grow your audience by targeting new prospects beyond your membership

  • Generate new revenues

  • Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Efficient Access & Rights management - quite critical when your courses get traction and if you do not want to burden your staff.

Top features

A fully branded e-learning experience platform:

  • Your website name, your logo, your corporate identity

  • Technically advanced, user-friendly and easy to manage Hub

  • A web platform with optimal SEO

  • Integration with market leading third-party software for a maximum of automation

  • Free or Paid courses

  • Open or Invitation-only courses

An engaging learning experience for users:

  • Stunning Design and interfaces

  • Multi-lingual videos with subtitles, e-books, documents

  • Webinars, Live Zoom...

  • Quizzes, Assignments, Exams

  • Social networking features

  • Blog & Resources

  • Certifications

  • Smart workflows

  • Dashboard on learners and teachers performances... .

  • ...and much more

Book a free demo to discover Symantra's online learning solutions (Masterclass module & Online Academy) to build a great community:

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