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Membership Directory Solution | Benefits & Best practices

Every association can greatly benefit from an online Membership Directory. But most of the online Membership Directories look ugly and not easy to filter.

Did you know that a bad Members Page can even harm your credibility, your brand reputation, and your prospective members sales conversion. We fix all this.

What is a Membership Directory?

Whatever the size or sector of your association, you should have a good members directory on your website and your extranet (Member Platform).

Membership directory is a dynamic database that contains key information and profiles of each member of an association. Data such as logo, names, description, contact information, link to website and social media..., are centralized and searchable in an easy way.

Moreover, you should have many customization options to show more or less data in visual and playful ways.

Why is a Membership Directory strategic?

A stunning Members Directory will help you to improve your Membership management at 3 steps: Member acquisition, Member engagement, and

Member retention. Typically, a

  • Show automatically the big numbers: how many members, how many countries, how much growth in the membership acquisition.

  • Foster the discovery of your Members with to-the-point filters, search, keywords features

  • Impress your website visitors and prospective members wondering if they should belong to your community

  • Boost your own brand reputation and sales growth (SEO at the top, sleek design, mobile responsive,...)

  • Foster networking

What are the key features of an association's member directory?

  • Filters & Keywords

  • Search

  • Members presentation (logo, name, contact details, ...)

  • Images & Video

  • Interactive Map

  • Custom branding

  • Full integration with your CRM, database or Excel.

  • Intelligent automations

  • Self-service interface for your members to update their data

  • Member engagement features

  • GDPR compliance

  • Data hosted in the EU

  • Advanced features to segment members

  • ...

How can Symantra Membership Directory widget help?

Say goodbye to manual work and focus on your Members' delight.

Members Directory fully Automated.

Symantra Members Directory widget is a digital tool that allows you to automate the creation and update of your Members Directory in the easiest way. A beautiful Membership Directory is auto-generated, fully aligned with your branding, with all the details you want to communicate publicly about your network. You can integrate this widget with just 3 lines of code in your website, whatever your website framework is. This means: Zero work for the secretariat staff to edit and maintain the Members Page up to date, thanks to smart automations, validation process and self-service interface for your members.

Members Match-making & Networking

On your public website, Symantra Membership Directory helps your prospects and current members to find the right match among your ecosystem.

When activated in the Member Platform extranet, you can activated many more options to foster member engagement and retention.

Better Membership Lifecycle management.

Symantra Members Directory, NextGen Member Platform and CRM for membership-based organisations helped to professionalize many large and small associations across Europe. With our digital suite and 25+ modules, membership-based can finally reduce radically boring manual and IT admin tasks. Staff can better segment members, better track membership tiers and status, and send personalized communications. Members can feel the upgrade in prestige and professionalism of the association they belong to, on each touchpoint.

How to spread the word about your beautiful Members Directory?

  • Make sure both your current and prospective members know about your beautiful Members Directory. It will help to attract and convert prospective members. Also make sure your current members are aware of it! Not all members realize how strong your community is. A great Members Directory reinforces the trust, the credibility, the brand reputation of your association.

  • Show and promote your Members Directory on your social media and in your newsletters. Your stakeholders must be aware of the legitimacy of your voice and action. Your members are proud to be part of your organisation and be profiled in the best way.

  • Include your new Members Directory in your Members benefits page. Show prospective members how much opportunity they have to connect and collaborate together inside your community. With Symantra Members Directory, we help you to grow your Network and foster (business) matchmaking.

Your Members Directory should be a beautiful strategic asset. Not an IT or a marketing nightmare.

Make your association's Members Directory look awesome!

Contact us to find the right membership directory solution!


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