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Glossary for Associations: Key words for digital transformation projects

Tech concepts your association should master. We want to demystify words, concepts and tools that are important to make your organisation future-proof.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology that “applies advanced analysis and logic based techniques, including machine learning to interpret events, support and automate decisions, and take actions.” (Gartner). AI is computer systems or machines that mimic human capabilities to complete tasks without human input or guidance. AI can interpret and produce speech, solve problems, sort through data, etc. Read more on AI and Public Affairs: Tools, use cases, limitations here and check Symantra's new GenAI solutions.

API. An application programming interface is the means by which your data source can be used by a third-party in a managed way e.g. embedding Google Maps data on your own website.

App is a software application which is interacted with through a device (Mobile/PC/Tablets/...). At Symantra, we design and develop Mobile apps, complex web apps, and intelligent websites for public, private clients, and EU projects.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a software used by associations to manage interactions and data of stakeholders and members. The objective is to improve all kind of workflows and automate membership management.
Many associations still have data fragmented across multiple Excels, clumsy databases, and tools. They are not really GDPR compliant. They don't have a 'single source of truth' for all their data. Likewise, some associations have an expensive BigCorp CRM, which is an overkill to use for staff, and no proper Data Management Strategy, no comprehensive Data Integration: this is POINTLESS.
That's why Business organisations and NGOs love Symantra's top-notch CRM: a CRM that is (finally) both powerful and easy to use, with exactly the right integrations you need to grow better.

Data is a general term to denote any kind of information that can be represented in a digital format. Check Symantra's solutions for Data Dashboarding and Data Science.

Data Hygiene. The processes and strategies you use to keep your data clean.

Data Visualization ("Dataviz") is the graphical representation of information or data. Data can be presented in the form of graphs, charts or other diagrams to facilitate the understanding and identification of trends, patterns, or anomalies. This is not the case in front of a large Excel table.

Digital transformation is an extremely powerful concept. Digital transformation is the successful adoption of cloud-based business systems, CRM, websites, and learning systems for your entire organisation. It is the next huge opportunity to deliver even more value to members, work better, and create more impact.

Extranet (aka. Member area). An extranet is a private collaborative space allowing some specific third-party partners, clients, members, external people - that do not belong to the company or the organisation - to log in, safely. In the extranet, they can explore exclusive content (that is not available on a public website). They can also learn, exchange ideas, collaborate on documents together (in real-time) inside a secure network,...
A modern Extranet is a strategic digital space to create business value. Having a NextGen Extranet is about strengthening your brand reputation, increasing your professionalism, and generating new business revenues.
At Symantra, one of our flagship product is the NextGen Extranet for Business Associations, NGOs, with 40+ Modules to create your branded Member Experience Platform, with all the smart automations. Read more on What is a modern extranet and what is it used for?

Business Intelligence Dashboard is a visual representation that helps decision-makers to easily visualize the performance of their association or business performances and their projects, in real time, on a single screen. It presents key elements for assessing a situation and it helps to reduce uncertainty when an action is taken, so that effects can be measured more quickly and the action plan can be redirected quickly. The dashboard is always intended for a specific audience. It can be operational, strategic, or analytical. The key performance indicators (KPIs) must be carefully selected to be consistent with the organisation's objectives and enable progress.

At Symantra, we deliver Business Intelligence Dashboards for Associations Top management on different topics.

GDPR compliance. Since May 25, 2018, the European Data Protection Authorities have enhanced investigative and sanctioning powers (up to €20,000,000 or 4% of an organization’s annual global turnover) or refer a case to the public prosecutor. The GDPR requirements provide strong drivers for adoption of data management and governance tools (personalized CRM, interconnection of digital tools and data sources…). With the potentially high level of recurring requests from Data Protection Authorities (“DPAs”) and from individuals, your data governance systems and processes must be robust, scalable and cost-effective to operate. To radically reduce the cost and risks of GDPR (non) compliance, here is how Symantra helps organisations, with its GDPR automated compliance solution.

Integration. Two or more different software systems can synch and talk to each other/share information. There are different ways to do this. Some ways are secure, some are not. Typically WordPress plugins are not cyber secure. That is why it is better to work with strong Tech agency with senior developers and serious credentials, instead of web designers who often lack the necessary Computer Science background and cyber literacy. Check our capabilities and favourite Tech stacks here.

Intelligent websites. A website’s design isn’t just about aesthetics, colours, and vanity. The interface is only one element of the overall user experience design of a website. Designing a great user experience is about being fully customer (user)-centric all through your website. Therefore, your website Content Management System (CMS) must be a real User engagement platform instead. Forget WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3. These are frameworks of the past.

At Symantra, we build websites that are growth-machines, not just pretty brochures. We make your website perform on what really matters, meaning the 6 dimensions of an Intelligent Website: Page Speed, UI/UX Design, Cybersecurity, Mobile responsiveness, SEO performance, Strong Technology & Integrations. Read more.

Invoice automation is a technology that offers time saving benefits to businesses of all sizes by taking care of the invoice processing, from creation to payment reconciliation. Benefits: No more manual mistakes. Time Savings. Cost savings. Cash Flow and Performance Optimisation. Seamless Compliance.
This is an exclusive solution provided by Symantra for membership-based organisations and businesses.

Learning Management System. A LMS is a software application that is used to plan, create, manage, and deliver online content. Through an LMS system, your Business and Trade association or NGO can create and deliver online training and provide certifications remotely for any subject that can be taught or is related to your organisation.

At Symantra, we help you design and develop your own Online Academy, Masterclass and e-learning courses Platform, end-to-end.

We deliver a fully versatile and branded learning experience platform, with:

• Engaging UI/UX Design

• Flexibility for free, paid, private, drip-fed or curated course pathways.

• Interactive Video & Live Session

• ebooks, documents, surveys, webinars, Live Zoom...

• Quizzes, Assignments, Exams, Certifications & Diplomas

• Social network & Gamification

• Smart Integrations with marketing tools & CRM

• Dashboard on learners and teachers performances

• An web platform with optimal SEO

Machine learning is a type of AI where machines analyze large amounts of data points, learn from the data, and develop the ability to make decisions and predictions from that learning. Humans provide the data it learn from, which can be on a specific topic for a single use case or broader applications.

Membership management automation: with Symantra's 360° digital suite for membership and community management (Member Experience Platform, top-notch CRM, interconnected digital ecosystem...), you can automate all the tasks related to the membership lifecycle, communications, public affairs, advocacy, operations, events, sales, finance...
Symantra's 360° solutions help organisations to win significant amount of time, save costs on licensing, and generate new revenues from digital services. 100% data in the EU. Fully GDPR compliant. Superfast migration (few weeks, not months).

Document collaboration cloud. We implement European SaaS solutions to store, share and collaborate on your documents and data, with your Colleagues or External Partners. All in real-time. In a hyper-secure way. More and more EU-based Top companies, public institutions, and NGOs move away from Google Docs, Dropbox, ... Check our secure document collaboration solutions here.

Secure services. A system, program or service is secure if it has been security tested, uses best-practice security and complies with relevant policies.

Stakeholder Mapping. It is the process of listing all actors that you, as a sport organisation, are dealing with or will deal with for a specific project. It enables you to get a visual representation of them (e.g., table, map, graph). When preparing your stakeholder mapping, you will consider: the type of stakeholders (e.g. political actor, athlete, media, etc.) and their power, interest, alignment, as well as your ability to influence them. Here is the Stakeholder Mapping Interactive Tool we developed for one of our client.

Tech stack. Tech stack is the full scope of all the different software and tools you use as a PA, marketer, communication professionals. It is a business priority to regularly audit your digital ecosystem to become more "customer-centric", adapt to the latest technologies, identify productivity wins with Intelligent automations, drop substandard software.

User-centred design. An approach to solving problems that revolves around users and their needs. It focuses on understanding users and their needs at every step of the service design process.

Want to know what leading Business Associations and Membership-based organisations are doing better, digitally?

Book your FREE Digital Audit HERE.


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