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Some EU projects we delivered

Clients' delight from sleek design to robust development,

and much more.

Jumping Over Water
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Connect and learn with protected land managers.

Many advanced features.

iOS & Android app.


All stakeholder and social media KPIs in a 360° dashboard for Europarc.

Technologies & Capabilities


  • Architecture

  • Front-End

  • Back-End

  • API Engineering

  • Machine Learning

  • NLP

  • Deep Learning

Web Development

  • Wordpress

  • Wix

  • Java

  • Accessibility WCAG 2.0 

  • Flask

  • React JS, Redux

  • Node

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Javascript (ES5/ES6)

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • R

  • Python

Mobile Development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Pure native

  • React Native

  • Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • Kotlin & Java

  • Chatbots

  • NFC


Product Design & Development, Digital Marketing

  • Digital Strategy & Audit

  • UI/UX Design

  • Data Dashboards

  • Visual & Motion design

  • Art Direction

  • Design thinking

  • Wireframing, Prototyping

  • Accessibility WCAG 2.0

  • Maintenance

  • Content & Social marketing

  • Mass-mailing, Newsletter design

  • Quality insurance

  • GDRP & Cybersecurity

  • SEO & ASO

Cross-sectoral expertise 

  • Sport & Culture

  • Agriculture & Food

  • Banking & Financial services

  • Defence

  • Digital & Telecom

  • Employment & Social Affairs

  • Energy

  • Environment & Climate

  • International cooperation and development

  • Justice and fundamental rights

  • Research & Innovation

  • Transport & Mobility

Our expertise


Online Learning Platforms
& Academy


Image by Possessed Photography

AI-based knowledge management system

Image by Medienstürmer

Stakeholders mapping software

Image by Carlos Muza

Real-time Data dashboards

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Image by Mel Poole

B2B match-making & MarketPlace

Image by Li-An Lim

Climate Tech projects

Image by Charles Deluvio

Intelligent Websites, Digital  Platforms,
Digital Tools

Image by Jonathan Simcoe

Community Platforms, Extranet

The Brussels Effect

  • You benefit from our strong competitive advantage and large network inside the Brussels Bubble

  • You benefit from our long experience with EU-funded projects and public procurement. 

  • We know how to deliver on time and budget for large and complex IT projects.

  • Like you, we are an EU-minded team, multilingual and multinational.

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