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ShowReel: Interactive Stakeholder Mapping Tool for Sports organisations

Symantra designed and developed an Interactive tool and digital Toolbox web platform for the EU-funded project RINGS (Erasmus+), a large consortium of public affairs professionals and academics, led by the European Olympic Committee (EOC).

Objective: To make Stakeholders' Mapping easy.

The quality of your stakeholder's strategy determines the success of professional (sport) organisations' projects: Public Affairs Plan, Advocacy, Strategic projects, Tenders, Campaigns…

It is critical to know who your stakeholders are, what they need, and how they think.

Stakeholder mapping should be the first step of all when starting any project. To map your stakeholders will allow you to have all relevant actors in mind when developing your action plan, ie., those who you will need, those who can benefit from your activities, but also the ones that can hinder your efforts and negatively impact your project.

It is a necessary effort to be done in the early phases of any project to ensure efficient planning, a successful project and anticipate potential risks.

The problem

The current digital tools in the market are not user-friendly, not collaborative, and not comprehensive enough to capture the reality of how public affairs works in the European context.

With the RINGS Stakeholders' Mapping Interactive Tool, they can (finally) build more professional strategies.

How it works - A 3-steps to map and act

  1. Select your topic and relevant stakeholders.

  2. Grade them on 4 dimensions: Power. Influence. Interest. Alignment

  3. Get immediately your interactive map and personalized actions list to build a successful strategy.

The research-based foundation

The digital tool has been developed based on the input from a large consortium of Public Affairs professionals and reputed Academic Researchers (RINGS project).

Stakeholder mapping is organised through a “Power-Ability to Influence Map” where alignment and interest are also considered. The stakeholder tool puts the axis power and interest as graphical dimensions.

After establishing the stakeholder’s position on the map, the organisation can develop a strategic action list, which includes details about working with the different stakeholders.

Users answer a few questions to identify relevant stakeholders:

POWER – How much power does the stakeholder have on the topic?
INFLUENCE – How much influence does the stakeholder have on the topic?
ALIGNMENT – How likely is it that the stakeholder agrees with you on this topic?
INTEREST – Is the stakeholder interested in the topic?

Discover below the video presenting the Stakeholders' Mapping tool to visualize your entire ecosystem and help you to create more strategic Advocacy campaigns.


This stakeholder mapping tool allows you to identify who has the highest level influence in your ecosystem.

You get your personalised roadmap and suggested actions lists that allows you to improve your strategic governance and influence.

Concretely, this tool is the base to create:

  • Stronger relationships

  • Impact improvement

  • Reputation building.

Check the Stakeholder Mapping Interactive Tool and the Toolbox for Public Affairs professionals.

More on RINGS projects & Stakeholder Mapping Tool for European Sports organisations and Olympic committees on the webplatform here.


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