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Symantra and European Olympic Committee (EU office) launch SIGGS 3.0 Project

📢 About SIGGS 3.0 🏅

SIGGS 3.0 is a partnership co-financed by the European Commission aimed at empowering National Olympic Committees, European and National Federations, and Sport Confederations to elevate their standards of good governance.

Through an innovative self-evaluation tool, sports organisations can assess their governance implementation, benchmark against peers, and receive tailored strategies for continuous improvement.

Why SIGGS 3.0?

At a time when sports organisations face evolving demands, SIGGS 3.0 addresses the critical need for updated governance standards. The project aligns with the European Commission's priorities, fulfils the call for continuous efforts on good governance and emphasises the importance of transparent and accountable practices in the sports sector.

By integrating new dimensions, including inclusion and diversity, as well as environmental sustainability, SIGGS 3.0 is poised to set a benchmark for sports organizations, ensuring they not only meet current expectations but proactively contribute to a sustainable and responsible future in sports governance.

Benefits for Sports organisations Leadership Teams

SIGGS 3.0 is going to be THE ULTIMATE Self-evaluation Tool for Good Governance of sport organisations (National Sports Federations, Olympic Committees...) across the EU.  

The multilingual (tools in 12 languages) self-evaluation tool already helped 400 reputed sports organisations across Europe :

1. to assess their global governance practices across 6 dimensions: Integrity, Autonomy, Transparency, Democracy, Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability.

2. to benchmark against their peers

3. to get their personal action plan immediately,

4. get inspired by the best-in-class with concrete case studies.

🏆 Key Objectives 🌐

1️⃣ Upgrade the self-evaluation tool's contents and new dimensions on inclusion and diversity and sustainability

2️⃣ Enhance software and user-friendliness of the SIGGS self-evaluation tool.

3️⃣ Expanding and engaging the network of users and guiding them with tailor-made action plans towards increased good governance standards.

🏅 SIGGS 3.0 milestones

⚽In January 2024, SIGGS 3.0 launches in Brussels with a kick-off meeting.

⚽Until September 2024 updating and adding new content in the dimensions of Inclusion & Diversity + Sustainability.

⚽From September 2024 onwards there will be online multiplier events to test the feasibility of the tool

⚽In December 2024, the SIGGS 3.0 tool will be available for free on the Good Governance Platform.

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