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The Best way to promote your Members, attract new prospects, and strengthen your reputation.

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The #1 Members Directory to boost the Growth and Brand of Membership-based organisations.

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Why do I need Symantra
Members Directory?

Your Members Page should be a beautiful strategic asset.
Not an IT or a marketing nightmare.


Beautiful design, perfectly matching your Brand.

Save hours of website editing thank to a ready-to-publish widget. Don't be dependent anymore on web agencies.

Fully automated. Integrates with your CRM, Database, and Excel.


Automate the creation and update of your Members Directory. Self-service interface for your members to update their data. You simply approve or deny updates.

Show your Community strength 

& Attract new Members.


The page has a SEO at the top. The Members Directory is a great way to attract and convert new Members. 


Works with all websites

Short code to integrate in any website. 

No coding skills required.


day to launch


increase in SEO results


customer satisfaction rate


Say goodbye to manual work
and focus on your Members' delight.

Filters & Keywords

Easy to navigate. Search is fast and reliable for your prospects and stakeholders. Filters per country, categories, industries, membership tiers... 



Help your visitors and members save time when looking through your Members Directory page. Great search improves the use of your directory and must reflect the quality of your brand. 

Members presentation


Nice cards to highlight your Members: category, tier, industry, sector, country, logo, contact, website and social media link... Self-service interface for your members to update their data. You simply approve or deny updates.

Images & Video

Let your members shine and build credibility with their marketing assets. They can add video and images right into the Members Directory. 

Interactive Map


Show your network reach and the legitimacy of your voice with an interactive map. All your Members are geo-localized instantly. Ditch all the painful editing of longitude/latitude in usual CMSs!

Custom branding


Match perfectly the look and feel of your website and ensure that your Members Directory feels like a part of your brand.

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 Join the leading associations already using
Symantra Members Directory widget
across Europe.

50% discount for eligible NGOs.

Simple monthly subscription pricing for membership-based organisations.


  • No import /customization cost

  • Support included

  • No long-term binding contract

Launch a professional Members Directory in just 1 day. 


  • What is the Symantra Directory widget?
    It’s a tool that allows you to automate the creation and update of your Directory in the easiest way. It auto-generates a beautiful webpage or widget, with all the details you want to communicate about your network. You can integrate this widget with just 3 lines of code in your website. This advanced Directory help your prospects and customers to find the right match among your ecosystem. You don’t need any coding skills, nor to be dependant on a web agency anymore for all change requests. You simply upload your data and adjust the graphical style, and we send your ready-to-integrate short-code to integrate in your website in max. 24 hours in your Inbox.
  • How to obtain the widget’s short-code to integrate in my website?
    We send you the short-code (3 lines of code) by email, after creating your account.
  • How to add the Symantra Directory widget to my website?
    To add the widget, following steps are required: Connect your Database, CRM, ERP, or Excel to your account. Place the widget code into your website editor and save it. That's it! You’ve properly added the Symantra Directory widget on your website. Any problems during the installation? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team and we will be delighted to help.
  • Does it go with my site builder or CMS?
    Symantra Directory widget is supported by 99% of websites. See the list of the most common website frameworks: Drupal, Joomla, iFrame, HTML, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, WordPress.
  • What is the best way to use the Symantra Directory widget on my website?
    For maximum efficiency of the widget, embed your short-code wherever you wish to tell about your network. For example, some companies create a special ‘Our Partners' / 'Our Members" page. However, you can place the widget on the 'Home Page' to foster trust, brand reputation, lead conversion of prospects, or impress your stakeholders. Some integrate it in the 'About us' page, or on a page aiming to attract and convert new Partners/Members.
  • Can I customize the style of my Partner Directory widget?
    Certainly! You can customize following dimensions: - any categories of Partners (tiers, ratings & reviews, certifications, localisation, expertise...), - select either a Dark or Light mode, - pick a primary colour, - choose option (interactive map, marketing assets, number of data related to your Partners, AI match-making...) - more options to come soon. In case it doesn’t work as it should, contact our Support Department.
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Membership Directory Solution


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Symantra is specialized in 360° digital solutions

for Membership-based organisations.

Digital Transformation of Associations and Public Affairs
Symantra is the Market Leader
in Digital Transformation
Business Associations.

DIGITALEUROPE, EUROCHAMBRES, CAN Europe, and many reputed membership-based organisations use Symantra's Member Platform (NextGen Extranet), specialized CRM, and 360° digital solutions for Association Management.


Hyper-automate your Marketing & Communications, Membership & Community management, Operations & Finance, Advocacy, Events & Certifications...

All around a smart CRM.

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