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Is your Association a Digital Transformation Winner?

Too many Associations still have difficulties seeing the gaps present in their Operations, Membership management, Communications, and Financial management.

A first checklist.

  • Your association has a mature digital transformation plan, with automation processes, cybersecure frameworks, and standard tools in place.

  • You have a digital ecosystem that is interconnected and future-proof. You leverage the technologies that work as digital transformation enablers (such as cloud computing, data science, Artificial Intelligence, …).

  • The organisation is building in-house new digital capabilities.

  • Your data is not in silos. All your contacts, whether prospects, members external stakeholders, are centralized in an easy-to-use CRM. Your data is fully in control, 100% accurate, and hosted in the EU. You have automated the complete lifecycle of membership management, marketing and outreach activities.

  • New revenues are generated with exclusive digital services leveraging a great Extranet (Member /Community Platform with 45+ modules) for your Members and a stunning Online Academy that converts for real.

If your organisation doesn’t have a digital transformation-driven DNA yet, it’s time to build it.

It’s time to define the vision of your organisation’s digital future.

Doing it alone may seem like a herculean task, but here’s the good news: you are not alone and it can be done very fast, with full migration and launch in a few weeks only, not months.

Learn how best-in-class peer associations managed to go to the next level, quickly, smoothly, and successfully.

Seeking out the guidance of recommended digital transformation experts, who know Association management inside out, and your specific work culture, can be the key to your digital future.

We can help you review your digital ecosystems, your tools, your processes, and technology across each area of your organisation (Communications, Operations, Finance, Membership, Events, Policy, projects...).

We can spot in no time where things are slow, not cost-efficient, or hinder productivity and impact.

Working with hundreds of associations of all sizes, across several industries, sectors, and geographies, we @Symantra know what the challenges are in adapting.

We know what digital transformation success is, what it feels like, and what it means for your teams, members, and stakeholders.

Self-reflect already now:

  • Are you on the cloud?

  • What tasks are manual, repetitive, time-consuming and low value?

  • What can be automated (think large)?

  • Is your data consistent, accurate, complete, centralized?

  • Are the current CRM, database, and marketing tools really best-in-class?

  • Are your tools an overkill for membership-based organisations?

  • Do they talk perfectly to each other? How do they integrate?

  • Do they sync 2 -ways or just 1-way?

  • Are all the data flowing perfectly into your CRM?

  • Do all your software integrate perfectly or are you having issues to use the tools together and falling back on manual work?

  • Where are the data hosted? In the EU or not?

  • Is your tech stack on ISO 27001?

  • ...


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