DIGITALEUROPE selected Symantra for a Member Experience Platform and interconnected tools

DIGITALEUROPE is the leading trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe. Based in Brussels, DIGITALEUROPE represents over 10,000 companies with combined annual revenue of over €1 trillion.

Symantra has been selected to provide DIGITALEUROPE an Integrated suite of Digital Products.

The challenge: to move from IT legacy and complex internal processes to a flawless and powerful new generation Extranet as well as to complement it with a digital transformation of the membership, internal comms and operations management.

What we delivered:

NextGen Extranet/ Member Experience Platform

•Personalised and customised experience

•Automation of internal processes

•Business intelligence. Live data across ecosystem

•Rigor on audience and permissioning

•Security and Data Privacy Compliance

•... and much more...

Testimonial from DIGITALEUROPE

The Member platform developed by Symantra to manage members has been a game-changer for DIGITALEUROPE.
For the first time, we have been able to provide a transparent, professional, and coherent service to all of our members while freeing up a lot of time from our staff to focus on the policy work instead of administrative procedures.
Since Symantra’s Member platform is used for several other Trade associations, it constantly evolves and we can benefit from best practices as we scale our operations.

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