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Symantra is in the TOP! Featured in as THE Digital Platform for EU Associations.

Symantra's Extranet Platform for EU Associations, NGOs, Business & Trade Federations enables (EU or national) public affairs practitioners expand their reach, and work smarter.

👉🏽Discover some testimonials of our international customers on this page.

Symantra's Member Platform and specialized CRM have made a transformational impact on Member Engagement, Staff Productivity, and the Revenue Model of leading International Business/Trade Associations, think tanks, clusters and NGOs.

Associations are accelerating their Digital Transformation and reputed platforms have the potential to make a transformational impact on the association’s business. Symantra's Member Platform/Extranet and specialized CRM are being used by leading EU Business and Trade Associations. The associations have seen a tremendous increase in Member engagement and opened new service lines enabled by our NextGen Extranet platforms and interconnected digital ecosystem.

Symantra also offers a Data Platform for smarter policy-making. Symantra helps associations and international organisations create impact through applied data analytics and unifying Data Processes.

Our Key Specialities

# Member Platform

# CRM for associations

# Data Platform

# Cybersecurity

# Digital transformation

# Public affairs

# Association management


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