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The Membership Journey Automation: Symantra's Flywheel model

Imagine you could streamline your complete Membership Lifecycle Journey, in a few weeks, not months.

If you have the right tools, the right data, the right workflows and intelligent automations in place … then only you can truly be a data-driven and member-centric organisation.

Now’s the perfect time to evaluate your entire stack to ensure you’re delivering a great digital experience for your members.

So, think bigger.

End-to-end Member Journey.

Is your Tech stack improving member value?
How can you serve your Members better?

The 5 steps of the Symantra's Flywheel

At Symantra, we help Business & Trade Associations, Federations, societies, and not-for-profits across Europe to become more efficient on the 5 steps, with a unified digital ecosystem:

#1 - Member Acquisition: Attract. Qualify. Convert Leads faster.

#2 - Member Onboarding: Contract signature, Data management, Access to personalized digital services and events...

#3 - Member Engagement: NextGen Member Platform/Extranet with 25+ Modules.

#4 - Membership Renewal: Invoicing automation...

#5 - Reporting and 360° Insights: Business Intelligence real-time Data Dashboard on Member Engagement, Finance, ....

The pre-conditions of success

1. A top-notch CRM for a Single Source of Truth

You need a single data source you can use for accurate, informed decision-making. A 360° view of every interaction with your members and external stakeholders will help you segment, contextualize, personalize your communications.

Then only, you can make informed decisions and ensure the highest member satisfaction and retention rates. With one unified and integrated digital ecosystem, leveraging the best technologies in the market, you can manage contact data at the individual or at the organisation level. You can easily keep your data clean without any inconsistencies, errors, or duplicates. Your entire marketing and tech stack needs to be perfectly integrated with your CRM platform.

Symantra's CRM is the Number 1 CRM for reputed Membership-based associations in Europe. A CRM which is truly loved by staff (unlike many others).

Our clients have removed all their data silos and they are able to generate amazing productivity wins for staff (6 to 8 hours a week for each core staff).

By becoming fully data-centric, they unleash new revenues opportunities and increase member-centricity.

2. Strong Integrations and Intelligent Automations

Your association software needs to be designed by and for Membership-based organisations and associations working in the (European) Public Affairs.

At the same time, your system must be able to integrate perfectly with the latest and most popular digital solutions on the market (Microsoft 365, Mailchimp...). Most of the software for associations do not (or only if you believe their marketing fluff), they do everything half-cooked.

This creates hidden costs (custom developments, consultancy hours, time waste for staff copying-pasting data from one tool to another...) and members frustrations.

The inconvenient truth is that bad IT systems, wrong digital choices lead to staff losing time fixing bugs, resolving data inconsistencies, falling back on the manual way-of-working.

When you stick to bad digital infrastructure, this affects your brand reputation and certainly your ability to retain staff (they know that in other associations the work is more efficient and meaningful).

The IT tools should work for your staff, not against them.

So, what do I need in my Tech Stack?

Symantra's digital suite has the Essentials of Association management.

It is a cloud-based system designed for Business associations that focus on the fundamentals:

  • Maximum reliability

  • Hyper-secure infrastructure (ISO 27001: a guarantee of security)

  • Future-proof and scalable

  • All data hosted in the EU and GDPR full compliance

  • Two-way synchronization and deep integrations with popular third-party software and the CRM

  • Automated workflows adapted to your exact processes, workflows and all your departments - with no coding skills required or IT dependency

  • A single source of truth for all your data with a top-notch CRM

  • Full flexibility and transparent pricing:

This includes:

(image below)


💎 Membership-based organisations across Europe using Symantra's 360° digital solutions for association management have a huge advantage because:

✅ their Members are collaborating better

✅ they are generating new Revenues with exclusive digital services

✅ they have all Data under control and hosted in the #EU

✅they created significant Productivity Wins for staff (6 to 8 hours a week for each core staff).

they reduced operational costs by 3️⃣0️⃣ % thanks to #hyperautomation of all their activities.

🔎Is your Membership & Operations management up to the mark?

📏Want to benchmark your association against the best-in-class EU Business & Trade associations and non-profits?

👉🏽 Get in touch HERE.


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