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Do you get the maximum of your data?

Imagine you had a 360° REAL-TIME DATA DASHBOARD to present to your Board or Top management?

Get your own Real-Time Data Dashboard with all the KPIs you want and stunning interactive visualizations:

  • All your Marketing & Communication Outreach KPIs (social media performance, websites, stakeholder engagement…)

  • All your Operations KPIs (incl. all your sales, financial data,...)

  • Any other Custom Data that you need to have a 360° view of your organization

Unlock the potential of your data for smarter decision-making.

Data Culture is now business-critical. We, at Symantra, help private companies and public organisations to grow and create impact on the future of society through Applied Data Analytics and Advanced Technologies. Our services:

  • Marketing and Communication Real-time Dashboard

  • Sales & Operations Dashboard

  • Market Intelligence graphs & charts

  • Stakeholder Mapping Tool for public affairs

  • Social and Behavioral Insights

  • Member engagement Dashboard

  • Custom KPI Dashboard and Reporting Automation

  • Stunning Interactive Data visualization

  • Complex Data Lakes

Spend more time exploring Valuable Insights.

Less on managing data processes.

That the way we work with our clients, usually:

1. We identify and extract data from relevant sources.

2. We help you create your own Data Lake and automation workflows.

3. We create beautiful Data Visualizations and Interactive Dashboards.

Also real-time.

4. You can easily embed visualizations in your Website, Member Platform or Reports.

Multi-dimensional Technology & Data Science team

To create your customised dashboard and KPI reports, we work with your database, through a haute-couture combination of different languages and tools:

  • SQL, R, and Python

  • Oracle

  • Google Big Query

  • Adobe

  • SAS

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Power BI

  • SAP

  • Tableau

  • Kubernetes

  • ... We integrate with 40+ popular softwares.

​Data Dashboards & Stories,

Built on reputed Data Tools/Platforms.

  • Interactive Dashboards built on reputed technology

  • Confidentiality and Cybersecurity

  • Embed everywhere

  • GDPR and other compliance ready

  • Build workflows to set up data pipelines

Human and Technology. Data Science, together

  • Personal training and guidance

  • Easy for everyone in the team to work with data

  • Specialized in the data solutions for Marketing & Communication, and Public, Sales & Business Operations, Policy/Public affairs, ...

  • Digital Marketing and data visualization design services

  • Sharing of best practices in your industry

  • We work as an extension of your team

Do you get the maximum of your data?

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