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GenAI in Enterprises: How to deal with Compliance and Privacy Concerns?

As GenAI is spreading at an unprecedented rate across various industries, organizations face a critical question: How can they leverage this powerful technology while adhering to compliance, governance, data protection, and privacy requirements?

Many might consider readily available "AI for everyone" platforms such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Perplexity, Claude... While these tools offer significant advantages for personal use, deploying them within an Enterprise context presents several challenges.

The Risks of Mainstream AI Tools in Enterprises

When employees use external generative AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, for tasks involving sensitive company information, there is a risk that the data inputted into these AI tools could be inadvertently exposed. This happens because the information shared with these platforms can be used to train the AI model, meaning the data becomes part of the AI's knowledge base. This data can then be easily accessible to others (including competitors), on the internet and on ChatGPT&Co.

A widely known case is that of Samsung, who ran into trouble when they found out sensitive info had leaked because their employees were using ChatGPT. As reported by Bloomberg, Samsung imposed a ban on its staff from using ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools after discovering a data leak. This decision underlines the risks involved when sensitive corporate information is inputted into third-party AI platforms without stringent data protection measures. 

The Dilemma: Innovation vs. Security

An outright blanket ban on these innovative AI tools might seem like an easy solution but doing so deprives your employees of significant productivity gains and the transformative potential of GenAI technology.

So, how can enterprises balance innovation with security?

The Solution: Symantra's Secure GenAI solution for Enterprises

Symantra's secure GenAI solution combines the advanced capabilities of world-class Large Language Models (LLMs) with stringent compliance, data protection, and privacy standards, offering:

  • A secure environment for employees to share data without the risk of it being used to train external AI models.

  • Compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR, ensuring that Enterprise data protection obligations are met.

  • Enterprise-grade security measures to safeguard your data.

Technical Advantages

With Symantra's secure GenAI solution, enterprises gain access to:

  • The latest and most powerful versions of LLMs, including those from OpenAI, Gemini, and Mistral.

  • Restricted access for employees within your organization, enhancing internal security.

  • Integration with Microsoft tools and Single Sign-On (SSO) support.

  • An extended 32k token context window, allowing for four times longer inputs, facilitating detailed and complex queries.

Empower Your Organization with Secure Gen AI

Discover how Symantra helps Enterprises in Europe to leverage the potential of Generative AI while ensuring security and compliance. Contact Symantra's GenAI team today to explore our Custom Enterprise solutions.


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