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How Symantra resolves the 6 challenges of GenAI in Knowledge Management

Using generic "out-of-the-box" Generative AI tools inside Enterprises has severe limitations in terms of Accuracy and Trust, but also in terms of Secure Data Governance.

Choosing the right AI framework will be instrumental in harnessing its true potential of GenAI for your staff. In this article, you will discover how Symantra overcomes the six challenges of Generative AI in Knowledge Management.

Some knowledge-intensive organisations in Europe use Symantra AI chatbot to provide better market research, monitor faster regulations/risks, and improve radically the internal Knowledge Management impact.

Symantra AI chatbot is a superior technological choice for Knowledge Management in Enterprises to consistently produce timely, comprehensive, and accurate insights.

Why GenAI, in its standard, out-of-the-box format like GPT4, Gemini... fails inside Enterprise ?

 To recap quickly, they have 6 severe Limitations for Enterprises:

  • Lack of Timeliness

  • Lack of Transparency

  • Lack of Accuracy

  • Privacy and Security

  • Regulatory Compliance (GDPR,…).

  • Lack of integrations with Existing Systems

Read more about the limitations of Generic AI tools for Enterprises here.

The advantages of Symantra AI over GenAI generic tools for better Enterprises Knowledge Management

Symantra AI chatbot is a game changer for enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness within knowledge-intensive enterprises.

Symantra GenAI chatbot matches the 3 TRUST criteria for a performing and safe use of GenAI inside Enterprises:

  • Timeliness: You get actionable answers in a second with the help of Symantra GenAI chatbot. Users get instant and to-the-point answers. The custom AI chatbot is trained only on your Company documents and data. On top, the user can ask questions and get answers in 80+ languages (including all EU official languages). The power of its real-time conversational search is a huge timesaver for staff. It goes way beyond traditional KM software "filter-based listing results" like on Google, where the user needs again to spend time to parameter the search by selecting filters, vet the listing results, extract the final answer themselves or be left with no real answers, lost in translation.

  • Transparency:  Symantra Gen AI chatbot provides all sources/citations for each query. The user can always check the underlying material used for the reasoning. No black box, like ChatGPT &Co. generic tools.

  • Accuracy: No hallucinations, never. Symantra AI chatbot is trained on your selected data/knowledge base. This way, all conversational searches happen in a safe library of vetted internal data and documents. It does not answer questions with plausible but untrue assertions, which could lead into wrong decisions.

Symantra GenAI chatbot resolved the 3 Data Governance challenges:

  • Privacy and Security: Granular Access rights control. Your data is fully encrypted. Files are never stored. No data sharing.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Symantra AI chatbot is 100% GDPR  & EU AI Act compliant.

  • Integration with Existing Systems: Deeply integrates with Teams/Microsoft and your Intranet.

Why Knowledge Management software under-perform?

Knowledge Management software are broken, they are a thing of the past. Even if you invest 1 million euros into them. They are costly, structurally inefficient, and bring a poor employee experience.

Gen AI is going to replace Knowledge management software.

On the same line, Google Search is going to be replaced by AI-base conversational Search (and this is already happening since 2023, just ask the staff around you).

Poor Employee Experience of Knowledge Management systems

  • User Search need to over-adapt to the Knowledge Management software. Users face a clunky interface, slow search, constant technical hiccups, never up-to-date search results listings. The users looses time to configure the search tick boxes to hopefully extract the right material. The results are never truly multilingual. If there are by luck search results, the user still needs to spend time to vet the documents, browse and cross-read them, summarize the key points alone, open another document, and another finally get a possible answer... In short, so much time waste.

  • Basic search results listings. KM software do not produce instant answers, no recommendations, no summary, no conversational search, no ask back loops, no refining, no instant translations... They are just as good as the huge amount of effort of the KM staff is dedicating into updating/maintaining them. These software are never good enough for the global internal cost they generate.

  • Poor adoption rate. The truth is that knowledge management systems are ignored or by-passed by staff. The analytics do not help much to take pro-active data management, nor to improve collaborative work, internal communication, and staff productivity.

Knowledge management software are inefficient

  • Manual time waste for admin and end-users. They require constant staff’s efforts for parameters setting (upload, tagging, configuration, testing...).

  • Not well integrated in your Tech Stack.

  • Poor analytics on the real adoption vs. Global cost (set up, maintenance, updates, support, training, + internalized costs by staff to keep the tool up-to-date...)

Symantra AI chatbot as a game changer to navigate your enterprise data.

The Symantra AI chatbot achieves something beyond the capabilities of both Knowledge Management software and humans.
Its unique proficiency in conducting data and document searches using everyday language (NLP) is what sets it apart, making its service both accessible and invaluable.

Symantra's contextually intelligent AI chatbot presents a cutting-edge technological solution that significantly boosts efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness within knowledge-driven enterprises.

Symantra AI chatbot improves Employees experience

  • Transparency & Trust: Cites sources for each answer. User can track each source in 1 click to fact check the underlying data used to generate answers.

  • Conversational Search: Answers questions with “natural language query” (NLQ): 

o Staff can use the AI chatbot to ask a technical question about operating procedures. (and refine the questions, check the sources…)

o A marketing manager can use the AI chatbot to browse comms material and draft messaging/speaking points. (and refine answers by change of tone, …) 


  • Interprets Images, Tables, Charts: Understands all types of documents (pdf, PPT, FAQs, video, charts, images …)

  • Summarize (in 5 lines, in 10 lines, in 30 lines...): 

o A staff can create a Venn diagram that summarizes key points from an executive’s presentation or a market report.

o The answers style and tone can be adapted to each user persona (Marketing, Finance, C-suite, ...)

  • Multilingual: Prompts & Answers in 80+ languages.

  • Create quizzes: Instant Q&A to test the staff knowledge/upskilling.

  • Soon to come: Voice-to-text possibility in Symantra AI chatbot.

Symantra AI chatbot drives efficiency: your staff works smarter

  • Productivity gains: No more document organizing into folders, tagging, encoding,… in the DB for admin. No time loss in searching and re-screening for end-users. Symantra AI chatbot can be trained on thousands of unstructured data and documents, whatever their languages.

  • Data Gathering & extract hidden insights: Your team in charge of Knowledge management, Staff onboarding/upskilling, Internal Communications...can pro-actively collect pain points, most frequently asked questions, preferences... With Symantra AI chatbot, your enterprise can unbox some hidden insights about your work collaboration culture and identify broken work processes. For sure, you cannot get these qualitative insights in traditional KM systems.

  • Perfectly integrations in your Tech Stack: Teams + Intranet (not another software/login required).

  • Significant Cost savings in comparison to Knowledge management software global costs.

Check Symantra's AI offering - Secure Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises. We create custom AI Chatbots for Enterprises trained on internal business knowledge and data.


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