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Symantra AI chatbot as a game changer to navigate your enterprise data.

Neither Knowledge Management software nor humans can achieve what the Symantra AI chatbot accomplishes.
Its capacity to conduct data searches using everyday language (NLP) is what renders the service accessible and invaluable.

Symantra's context-aware intelligent AI chatbot offers a superior technological solution for enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness within knowledge-intensive enterprises.

Symantra AI chatbot improves Employees experience

  • Transparency & Trust: Cites sources for each answer.

  • Conversational Search: Answers questions with “natural language query” (NLQ): 

o Staff can use the AI chatbot to ask a technical question about operating procedures. (and refine the questions, check the sources…)

o A marketing manager can use the AI chatbot to browse comms material and draft messaging/speaking points. (and refine answers by change of tone, …) 


  • Interprets Images, Tables, Charts: Understands all types of documents (pdf, PPT, FAQs, video, charts, images …)

  • Summarize

o A staff can create a Venn diagram that summarizes key points from an executive’s presentation or a market report.

  • Multilingual: Prompts & Answers in 80+ languages (incl. All EU official languages).

  • Create quizzes: Instant Q&A to test the staff knowledge/upskilling.

Symantra AI chatbot drives efficiency: your staff works smarter

  • Productivity gains: No more tagging, encoding,… in the DB for admin. No time loss in searching and re-screening for end-users.

  • Data Gathering & extract hidden insights: Collect pain points, most frequently asked questions, preferences... helpful for pro-active Knowledge management strategy.

  • Perfectly integrations in your Tech Stack: Teams + Intranet (not another software/login required).

  • Significant Cost savings in comparison to Knowledge management software global costs.

  • New feature coming soon: Voice-to-Text.

Check Symantra's AI offering - Secure Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises. We create custom AI Chatbots for Enterprises trained on internal business knowledge and data.


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