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What are the Top Features of a modern Member Platform?

Best-in-class businesses associations and membership-based communities have an Extranet that is distinct and separate from their intranet and internal document sharing systems.

A modern and successful Extranet must necessarily encompass the following dimensions:

  • Rigorous and flexible User Access and the Right Management

  • Hyper cyber-secure place to collaborate, with advanced security and authentication features

  • Stunning Design Experience, end-to-end. User-centric, not IT-centric.

  • Complete Personalized communication, keeping the full and granular control on who is allowed to see what kind of content and piece of information, how, and when.

  • User engagement and real-time updates notifications, without friction and across all devices

  • Mobile First Extranet experience, beyond the desktop extranet

  • Customizable platform enough with many features and modules for future evolution

  • Cost-efficient, scalable, and mature platform

  • Large deep Integrations possibilities, with the most popular software used by companies and associations, to create a unified digital ecosystem

  • Many automations and syncs possibilities for staff productivity gains

  • and much more...

Having an awesome Extranet is a key strategic asset for your association’s growth and reputation. It is the core from which Member Relationships are managed and New Revenues can be generated.

Symantra's Member Platform is fully integrated with your digital ecosystem, resulting in significant Productivity gains for staff and a superior Experience for your Members.

Our clients describe our NextGen Member Platform as a Game Changer for their membership, operations, community, and communications management.

Check Symantra's 45+ Modules for a Modern Extranet, to grow your membership and community.

Symantra's 45+ Modules for a Modern Extranet

The right partner to launch your NextGen Member Platform / Extranet

At Symantra, we are specialized in building NextGen Member Platforms, some of our customers include reputed International Business Associations and NGOs.

Symantra Member Platform/Extranet is customized to the specific needs of associations. The Member Platform and the 360° digital ecosystem around are integrated, resulting in productivity gains for your staff and much better experience for your members.

Join the leaders in association management.

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