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Revolutionizing Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises with Generative AI

In the realm of knowledge-intensive organizations, the tide is turning as artificial intelligence (AI) strides forward. The emergence of generative AI holds the promise of reshaping entire industries, with knowledge management standing out as uniquely positioned for AI-driven transformation. McKinsey heralds generative AI as the next frontier for productivity, suggesting that analyzing natural language text— a cornerstone of generative AI— consumes an average of 25% of each staff's time in an enterprise.

The potential of GenAI in Enterprises

Enterprises within the Energy, Pharma, or FMCG industries, inherently data-driven, are keenly eyeing the potential of generative AI to address complex use cases reliant on processing vast amounts of unstructured data. These include internal knowledge management, market analysis, business intelligence, regulatory compliance, and crafting marketing and sales strategies.

Across departments and hierarchies, staff invest a significant portion of their time in sourcing and scrutinizing company data and documents. Generative AI holds the promise of liberating them from this laborious task, enabling them to dedicate more time to making well-informed and strategic decisions at an earlier stage than previously possible.

Why GenAI, in its standard, out-of-the-box format like GPT 4, fails.

However, despite high expectations, generative AI has thus far fallen short in meeting the rigorous demands of knowledge-intensive enterprises.

For an AI chatbot to be enterprise-ready, it must fulfil 3 Trust criteria:

  • Timeliness,

  • Accuracy,

  • Transparency.

Large language models (LLMs), the foundation of many AI tools, have struggled to meet these standards, particularly within EU-based enterprises.

LLMs, designed for generalized tasks, lack the domain-specific knowledge and access to strategic information vital for enterprise use cases. This mismatch leads to a lack of understanding of specific company contexts and nuanced scenarios.

Moreover, generic LLMs often fail to provide sources for the information they generate, fostering a trust gap and posing risks to investments, reputations, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, the propensity for LLMs to generate coherent yet misleading or fabricated responses (hallucinations) exacerbates concerns surrounding data accuracy and decision-making reliability.

Fortunately, recent advancements in GenAI offer solutions to these challenges.

Enterprises can now leverage Symantra's Secure Enterprise AI chatbot, a pioneering solution fully compliant with EU AI regulations and enterprise-grade standards. Symantra AI is tailored to address the knowledge-intensive tasks demanded by enterprise staff, offering a seamless integration to the existing Tech stack, without requiring a complete system overhaul. Ideal for a low risk, high impact AI progressive deployment project inside Enterprises.

Key features and benefits of Symantra's Secure Enterprise AI chatbot:

  • Seamless Integration: Symantra AI seamlessly integrates into existing enterprise IT systems (Microsoft, ...), minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

  • Scalability: Designed to accommodate growing data volumes and evolving business needs, Symantra AI offers scalability without compromising performance.

  • Personalization: Symantra AI can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different departments and business units within the enterprise, ensuring relevance and accuracy in responses.

  • Compliance Assurance: By adhering to EU AI regulations and enterprise standards, Symantra AI provides peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance and data governance.

  • Continuous Learning: Symantra AI continually learns from user interactions and feedback, improving its accuracy and relevance over time.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Symantra AI facilitates collaboration by providing access to relevant information and insights across departments, fostering innovation and efficiency.

  • Cost Savings: By automating time-consuming tasks and streamlining processes, Symantra AI helps reduce operational costs related to under-performing databases and KM software, and improve resource allocation.

  • Risk Mitigation: By providing timely and accurate information, Symantra AI helps mitigate risks associated with decision-making, compliance, and strategic planning.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Symantra AI chatbot offers natural language search (no filters and search results that do not bring any to-the-point answers). The interface is easy to use, enabling users to quickly access information and insights without extensive training or technical expertise.

  • Performance Analytics: Symantra AI offers performance analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing enterprises to track usage patterns, identify hidden insights, trends, and measure the impact of AI on business outcomes.

Case studies with Symantra GenAI chatbot

How can your Enterprise capture the transformative potential of AI - while resolve the common pitfalls with GenAI? 

Here are 2 case studies that Symantra has implemented for Enterprises.

1.Market analysis for a EU-based Energy enterprise

The objectives

  • Enhancing competitive market analysis in a volatile environment. 

  • Extract and share faster market data from industry and foresight reports for a selected audience.

The problem:

Team need to analyse corporate reports, industry data, regulatory documents, news articles,… in 24 EU languages. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that their strategic and advocacy activities produce credible meta data and decisions, at international level.

The solution:

Symantra AI offers several advantages that can enhance the speed and the depth of insights for the staff tracking the evolution the energy market in Europe.


  • Credibility and Transparency: Symantra AI is designed to maintain a trail to the original source of the data and cite them directly in the generated reports contributes to transparency and allows for a clear understanding of how different data pieces contributed to an answer. This is crucial for an industry facing immense scrutiny by EU institutions, Energy investors, and journalists.

  • Productivity: Symantra AI accelerates the work of Market Analysts and Public Affairs professionals: search, summarize, draft faster Market Trends analysis …

2. Knowledge management in one of the world's largest fast-moving consumer goods company (FMCG)

The objectives

  • Remove costly and under-used knowledge management software 

  • Leverage the power of AI NLP conversations to reduce staff time searching for answers across departments and languages

The problem:

  • Team looses time with a clunky and slow KM software. As multinational firm, staff loses time to find the right documents, the right answers, and translate the results in their language. 

  • The team needs to process vast amounts of unstructured data and documents, foresight reports. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that they have faster, to-the-point, deeper and verified insights on the company internal knowledge, to be better help decision–makers and produce data-driven material.

The solution:

Symantra AI is able to process in a few second hundreds of unstructured documents in 80+ languages.


  • Productivity: No time loss ordering, reading, summarizing. It saves hours of work.

  • Adaptability: By delivering personalized insights adapted to user persona and context, Symantra AI can further optimize user productivity and streamline data-based decision-making. The same underlying data can supply different users with specific needs of different departments, country focus, and job profiles. For example: Concise briefings and speaking points for leadership team, data and charts/graphs extraction for economists, marketing copywriting for Comms team…

  • More hidden insights: When working with vast amounts of unstructured data and documents, critical yet hidden often go unnoticed. Symantra AI is able to surface hidden insights that can usually be overlooked.

Check Symantra's AI offering - Secure Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises. We create custom AI Chatbots for Enterprises trained on internal business knowledge and data.


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