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What is a Partner Management Platform?

Definition of a Partner Management Platform

Symantra All-in-One Partner Management software is cloud-based SaaS platform with Partner onboarding, Channel Sales, Channel Marketing Automation, Operations, Learning and Certifications.

A Partner Management software is not the same than a CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides functionality to companies in four segments for direct sales: sales, marketing, customer service and digital commerce.

Symantra Partner Management software does the same thing for your relationship with your partners, providing you and your partners with a single source of truth related to indirect sales through channel partners and your partner programmes.

Symantra Partner Management software is integrated with your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics...) and and popular third-party applications to automatize a maximum of workflow and unify data.

The common challenges with traditional Partner Portals

The vast majority of Partner Portals are under-performing for the following reasons:

  • Clunky UI/UX interface where Partners dislike to log-in

  • Difficulty to attribute sales and coordinate payments

  • Data related to Sales, Marketing and Operations are in silos

  • No good way to engage and listen to your partners

  • No possibility to segment partners and customize their experience

  • Difficult to promote special offers and rewards to partners

  • Poor Analytics on financial performance

  • ...

Why you should drop your old Partner Portal and get Symantra Partner Management software

1. Benefits for your Company

  • A 360° Pipeline Visibility

  • Manage Marketing Attribution & ROI

  • Manage Deal Lifecycles (B2B or B2C)

  • Unify Channel Data in 1 Dashboard (Sales, Marketing, Certifications...)

  • Generate customized reports and KPIs

  • 100% white label platform which aligns with your brand

  • ...

2. Benefits for your Partners

  • Attract & Retain New Customers

  • Partners can withdraw their own payments

  • Access One stop-shop Partner Portal

  • Leverage Co-Branded Marketing Content & Sales collaterals

  • Ongoing Training on how to sell, place orders...

  • Get certified as Premium Partner

  • ...

3. Benefits for the Customers

  • Enjoy a perfect Buying Relationship

  • Work with Industry Experts

  • Get Personalized Content and Solution Recommendations

  • ...

Top features of Symantra Partner Management software

1. Partner Management

  • Beautiful interface, easy to use platform

  • Partner Onboarding

  • Personalized content and dashboard

  • Partner Business Planning

  • Tiering and Programme Compliance    

  • Success Plans, Achievements         

  • Partner Journey Automation

  • Partner recruitment and matchmaking

  • ...

2. Channel Sales enablement

  • Deal Registration        

  • Lead Distribution

  • Digital product catalogues

  • Sales incentives & rewards

  • Custom enablement materials

  • Digital approval workflows

  • Integration with Leading CRMs

  • ...

3. Channel Marketing Automation

  • Personalized content

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Multilingual and contextual

  • Partner/Vendor Locator Interactive Map

  • Content Syndication

  • Co-branded media assets

  • Tracking allocation and use of marketing development funds (MDF)

  • Through channel marketing automation exclusive features

  • ...

4. Training & Certifications

  • Masterclass & Online Academy

  • Content Library            

  • Certifications

  • Knowledge base

  • Resources & Newsroom

  • Customized Learning Path

  • ...

5. Operations & Reporting

  • Secure Document sharing

  • Hosting of invoices, contracts, strategic documents

  • Self-service for Data Updates & service request

  • Ticketing and helpdesk

  • Incentives pay-out

  • Reconcillaition

  • AI-powered Analytics

  • Custom KPI Data Dashboard

  • Easy sales attribution and payments automation

  • Interactive Partner Location, Map, Advanced Search, Match

  • Analytics on financial performance, such as detailed pricing and sales data

  • 360° Pipeline Visibility

  • Customized reports and KPIs

  • ...

Discover Symantra All-in-One Partner management software. Book your online demo now.

Symantra All-in-One Partner Management software


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