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How to wow your Audience?

How to reach the perfect match in your Media: the right content to the right reader, in the right format, at the right moment?

Symantra was selected by Wallonie Design to design and develop a new Content Marketing Platform. This Web platform engages seamlessly the community of Designers and SMEs. What we did in Digital Strategy x Service Design x Foresight: User journey, Surveys, Readers interviews, Digital Media Benchmarking, Digital Editing Advisory, Content Strategy, Editorial Positioning. What we did in UI/UX Design x Tech: Web & Blog redesign, Interactive modules, Custom CMS, Newsletters Optimization, Analytics, SEO, GDPR Compliance, Training & Coaching for CMS, Digital Tools...

Design thinking, Media, Journalism: Putting readers back at the center

Today, the media must rethink the way they tell their stories, placing users at the heart of their editorial strategies. It is about embracing innovation the right way, thinking about the user experience (UX) and interface design (UI), the very essence of new media, and pure players! Design thinking (Tim Brown) is an essential trans-disciplinary innovation approach not only in companies but also in the media sector where it is crucial to build a new relationship with the users and to rebuild the proximity with them. It is an agile approach, built around human and collective intelligence. Design thinking can be an entry point to help Digital Editors and Journalists better understand their users' expectations and offer them innovative narrative experiences. Design thinking can be a tool for understanding audiences to better understand their real uses and create content for everyone. Design thinking also facilitates "augmented" journalism that draws directly on the public experience by exploring not only the problems, the real needs of readers' communities, but also the ways to respond to them.

To define what Good Design is

In this digital transformation project of Wallonie Design, we have implemented design thinking methodology based on the real needs of users (community of designers - graphic, product, furniture, UX/UI, textiles, services... - and companies integrating design to innovate. What motivated us most in this project was the fine balance between strategic thinking, creativity, UX/UI design and technology. Our ambition with this new Medium is to deliver a professional service of superior quality.

We, at Symantra, believe that Good design is about simplicity, concentrating on the essential aspects. Digital products should not be burdened with non-essentials.

We are proud to have been selected by Wallonie Design to better align the editorial policy with the Business and Design community's real needs, in the era of increasing digital competition for audiences' attention. With a design thinking approach, we have carried out a complete redesign of the Content Marketing Strategy, among other stuff: media competitors analysis, foresight, user journey & touchpoints analysis, interviews of designer and CEOs, (...), beautiful online surveys, international Pure Player Media best practices, Media Positioning, Briefings, Digital Editor Advisory... Our hands-on recommendations and quick wins for the content information revamp helps to reach the perfect match.

The new Website and Mobile Experience aims to foster Curiosity, Addiction and Readership Growth.

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