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What can I expect from a great Partner Directory Solution?

Your Partners have higher digital expectations. They are driving your business. They want to feel the quality of your Partner experience, end-to-end.

Your Partner Directory must reflect how much you care about the relations with your Partners.

Though, too many companies have a bad Partner Directory. It affects your brand prestige, your credibility, and prevent sales to happen.

To make sure your customers, your partners and your products or solutions match perfectly and convert into sales, you need a stunning Partner Directory.

That is where we help.

What is a modern Partner Directory?

Whether in B2B or B2C, channel sales model is the main way to sell today globally: you distribute your products via a channel partner that will market and sell the product for you.

A strategic way to empower your partners to sell for you is to have a great Partner Directory, both on your public website and on your Partner Platform.

A Partner Directory is a dynamic database that contains key information and profiles of each Partner (Channel Sales Partners, Vendors, or Suppliers) of your company. Key details such as logo, Partner name, description, contact information, link to website and social media, ..., are centralized and searchable in an easy way.

The better looking, easy-to-use and powerful Directory, the better is for your Business Growth.

Why is a Partner Directory strategic?

  • Help your Customers or prospects to find the right fit: They can search easily your Partners listing with many filters and keywords, discover each Partner's profile...

  • Make your Partners shine. Give them the opportunity to complete, update their own information, with a self-service interface. You just approve or reject.

  • Make it easy for you to manage the Partner Directory. It should work on auto-pilot, with smart automation and integrations with your digital tools.

What are the key features of a great Partner Directory?

  • Filters & Keywords (filter by region, countries, service offered, industry, case studies, tier, certifications...),

  • Partners presentation (logo, name, contact details, ...)

  • Images & Video

  • Interactive Map

  • Tiers, Badges and certifications

  • Reviews and ratings from customers

  • Custom branding

  • Intelligent automations

  • Full integration with your CRM, database, ERP or Partner Portal.

  • Self-service interface for your Partners to update their data

  • GDPR compliance

  • ...

How can Symantra Partner Directory widget help?

Say goodbye to manual work and re-focus on your Partners sales and marketing empowerment to boost your growth further..

All the features you would dream to boost Business Match-making

On your public website, Symantra Partner Directory helps your prospects and current customers to find the right match among your partner ecosystem.

Symantra has on top of the basic features, developed some exclusive features (AI match-making, ...) and integrations.

Partner Directory fully Automated.

Symantra Partner Directory widget is a digital tool that allows you to automate the creation and update of your Partner Directory in the easiest way. Zero work for the secretariat staff to edit and maintain the Members Page up to date, thanks to smart automations, validation process and self-service interface for your members.

Better Partner Lifecycle management.

Symantra Partner Directory widget and Tailor-made Partner Portal help marketers to unlock growth and streamline the global Partner experience. Your Partners can feel the quality of your partner programme, on each touchpoint.

How to spread the word about your beautiful Partner Directory?

  • Make sure both your current and prospective members know about your beautiful Partner Directory. It will help your prospective customers to find the right partner with the right product, service, solution experience.

  • Show and promote your Partner Directory on your social media and in your newsletters. Your partners are proud to be featured on your company's website and they are proud to be profiled in the best way.

  • Include your new Partner Directory in your Partner benefits page. Show prospective partners how much opportunity they have when they collaborate with your brand.

Your Partner Directory should be a beautiful strategic asset. Not an IT or a marketing nightmare.

Revamp your Partner Directory now.


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